Dyeing & Finishing 


State-of-the-art dye house for cotton & blends, with various, capacity machines producing lot-to-lot shade continuity. Latest fabric shrinkage control inblended and stretch fabrics. Dyeing Capacity 100000 kgs/ per month


Embroidery units of 20 heads equipped with our own designing and punching system.


Our stitching machines modular in structure, equipped with the latest garment handling system. Our designs simultaneously handle with wide variety of products from basic to fashion, with maximum flexibility in order size. 

We believe that prevention is better than cure. The sooner the problem is tracked, the better it is in delivering the goods on time. During the process of stitching we have inline inspection and final inspection processes. The garments are 100% inspected by highly experienced inspectors. Our objective is to produce with Zero Defects.

The ‘BACK TRACKING SYSTEM’ plays a vital role in developing sense of responsibility and accountability in every person in making and inspecting the garments. The same thing is emphasized in ISO-9002, so we are not only the ISO-9002 Certified holder but also the true executors. The company has independent Quality Assurance Team that conducts inline audits and final finished goods audits. The QA. Manager ensures that before the goods leave the factory.


Sampling Department



Our sampling department is being handled by the most experienced and qualified staff, who are fully capable to display their professional expertise. Our sampling staff is well trained to respond energetically to fast changing fashion. 




Fleece Machines
We have dedicated a complete unit of machines for fleece fabrics with additional capability to produce heavy single jersey fabric as well. A variety of fabric such as plain, cross, sueded, textured fleece can be produced at our versatile facility. We have "Vanguard supreme" Machines to knit body size fleece fabric and "Mayer & Cie" machines for open width fleece fabric.

Rib Machines
Another unit is dedicated for main Rib fabric while a few 8-locks machines are capable of manufacturing mini thermal and waffle. Additionally, we also have machines for Neck size ribs that help us producing consistent ribs for necks. All the rib machines are equipped with "LYCRA" attachment for producing the best stretch recovery fabric. In addition, we are also using " Mayer & Cie " and "Terrot" to knit high quality ribs with excellent recovery. 

Single Jersey Machines
Single knit fabric is knitted on four track machines. These machines can produce fabric such as single jersey, P.Q, mesh, drop needle jersey, bird eye jersey etc. Masood also has Lycra attachment equipment for best fabric stretch recovery.

Inter Lock Machines
Drop needle and feeder stripe fabric are mostly produced on our inter lock machines which have the capability to produce rib fabrics in addition to Interlock fabrics.

Flat Knitting Machines
Considering the importance of fabric accessories such as Collars, Cuffs, Waist band, Trims, we have invested in a vast number of Matsuya flat knitting machines that are producing the trims for all our major replenishment programs.

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